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Disclosure 17 and under

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Special Olympics Pennsylvania classifies its volunteers by the level of participation. Please read the "classifications" to determine your level and complete the application as appropriate.

CLASS A - Volunteers who are or may be in immediate contact with athletes such as coaches, Unified partners, chaperones, drivers, and overnight hosts, as well as volunteers with administrative (management team members, etc.) and fiscal authority. These volunteers will have a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check conducted upon volunteering in this category. Please discuss with your program's manager.
Those CLASS A volunteers who are 17 years of age or younger must complete a "17 & Under Disclosure" form.
Those CLASS A volunteers who are not Pennsylvania residents must complete a "Non-PA Resident Disclosure" form.

CLASS B Volunteers with casual or limited contact with athletes such as subcommittee members, officials, event management team members, single event and one day volunteers etc., qualify as Class B volunteers.


It is the responsibility of each county/area program to provide all volunteers with written or verbal information or instructions describing the general responsibilities of a Special Olympics volunteer and policies relative to their position and individual behavior. The "Special Olympics Pennsylvania Code of Conduct" is to be reviewed and understood by all volunteers. It is the responsibility of each county/area program to provide Class A volunteers with additional orientation and training, part of which will be face to face.

I understand:


1. Volunteers attending any event where athletes are present must agree to abstain from the use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs throughout the course of that event. For volunteers attending the event which includes travel, this abstention begins upon departure from the local pick up point through the return of the athletes to their families. If you will not abstain for the course of the event, please do not sign this document.

2. Volunteers should dress and act at all times in a manner which will be a credit to Special Olympics Pennsylvania and to your area/county program. Keep in mind you are serving as a role model for all Special Olympics athletes your serve.

3. All emergencies must be reported to the appropriate authorities after immediate action is taken to ensure the health and safety of participants.

4. Volunteers will provide 24hour supervision of athletes during any Special Olympics event attended by athletes.

5. Any misconduct exhibited by a volunteer may result in immediate dismissal or more severe actions when appropriate.

No tobacco products will be used during SOPA events in housing areas, meal areas, sporting events, training or competition venues, or sites related to training and competition.


Unsportsmanlike or inappropriate behavior by a coach, athlete, volunteer or staff member during SOPA training or competition events is unacceptable. Failure to behave appropriately could result in loss of eligibility.

While attending a SOPA competition, training or event, athletes, coaches, Unified partners, encouraged to behave appropriately in accordance with the mission and philosophy of occurring at or outside the venue sites will result in the following disciplinary actions: